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Smart Robotic Toy

$65.00 Prix réduit
Why we love it:

Smart Robotic toy is an amazing way to make cats playtime more enjoyable by simulating their hunting instincts!

It delivers hours of endless fun, thanks to the powerful double motors irregularly rolling with LED color changing lamp for hands-free solo play. 

For interactive play with your cat, you can switch it to manual mode, and join the chasing game with him by remotely controlling the toy.

This unique robotic toy operates on multiple surfaces, from hardwood to tile and even on short carpets and area rugs. With lightning-fast USB charging and several feathers, you’ll have everything you need to get your cat on the hunt in no time at all!

Proven benefits: 

 Bring out shy cat's brighter and more confident self

 Kick in cats natural curiosity and hunting instinct 

 Develop human and cat bonding through regular playtime

 Keep cats from getting bored and anxious while you’re busy or away

Smart Robotic Toy includes: 
  • 1 robot toy 
  • 1 remote controller 
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 6 replaceable feathers 
  • User manual & batteries included
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