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Calming Cat Bed

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 Why we love it:

Say hello to the Calming Marshmello, our purr-fect bed your furry friend will approve!

Your feline will feel loved while curling up and kneading on this fluffy bed. Featuring a raised rim and a soft doughnut shape plush, made of high-quality faux fur, this cozy bed creates a calming sense of security and provides orthopedic support for their heads and necks.

Proven benefits: 

 Great for senior cats: super-soft filling provides support to take the pressure off of achy joints caused by arthritis

 Calming anxiety effect on all pets: the raised rim brings a sense of safety, allowing them to sleep and relax more easily

Features and Sizing
  • Materials: fluffy long plush, polyester fiber
  • Water-resistant and anti-slip bottom 
  • Fully machine washable
Size Guide: 
Size  Diameter
 M  23" (60 cm) Cats over 10 lbs
 L  27" (70 cm)  Two medium-sized cats or one big cat 
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